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What's So Trendy About Sweet Beer That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

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There are different opinions on the question of what is sweet beer? And not all of them describe clearly about sweet beer.

So, what we will do is list all the statements exposed out there and will draw parallel to conclude by reading all of them.

A sweet beer is a beer that does not taste so much like a beer but still it is called beer because of the fact that it is brewed exactly like all other beers.

Sweet beer can also be named as a dessert beer or girly beer as it has a milder taste of beer and not as strong as normal beer. An ale and a pale can also be called sweet beer. As long as they do not taste too much like normal beer.

Is it possible to make the beer sweet?

We know many of you would be thinking in their mind that what a simple question is that, if you want to make the beer sweeten then add some sugars into it, right? But, No! It is not so simple to add the sugar to make it sweeten as while adding sugar to the brew the yeast will consume the sugar and will turn it into alcohol. There are three ways to make it sweet.

1. Boil for a longer time

When brewers boil the brew for a longer time a chemical reaction occurs in it which is known as the Maillard reaction which is often confused with caramelization. An intense boiling of the brew can make the brew a little caramel flavour.

2. Use caramel malt

Caramel malt is used by adding it to the brew to make it sweeter. But you need to be more careful as adding excessive caramel malt can make the beer sweeter.

3. Use of Unfermentable sugar

Sugar like Lactose is one of the best solutions to make the beer sweet. It is the type of Unfermentable sugar which can act as an alternative to sweeten.

Sweet or fruity beer that you can have it on summers

1. Abita Purple Haze

By adding the raspberry pulp to the beer, the taste becomes fruity and flavoured. Abita Purple Haze is one of them which could be a great breakfast if you want to try it in summer.

2. Blueberry Ale

If you want to try something in terms of sweet beer then you must try this blueberry flavoured ale brewed by blue point company. Bring this thing to parties so that people could enjoy it fully.

3. Pumpkin Ale

No, it is not alcohol but the ale is flavoured good with pumpkin and will send you to heaven if you are planning to drink this. Reviews of this ale is great in many parts of the country.


Drinks are important for our lifestyle but the choice of drinks matters the most. People around are ready to judge on the basis of which drinks you are going to pick.

If you are non-alcoholic then it's a great thing as many people and your opposite partners will also prefer you to be non-alcoholic. But you can drink sweet and fruity beer to get the upper layer of taste like the beer and society will accept that also.

Sweet beers are also most common among children where after drinking a bottle they act exactly like a drunk and it is so fun to see them.

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